Whether you’re flying off on holiday or going on a business trip, you need to make sure your airport looks are fresh and designed to keep you comfortable. From long haul flights to short trips, BADR clothing is a great choice for any jet setter and we’re going through some of our favourite airport fashion tips to make your travel planning a breeze.

Layer Up

When you’re travelling to a different country, you need to prepare for any weather which is why layers are key. Our favourite travelling look is a BADR matching set worn over a lightweight t-shirt or vest. If you’re heading somewhere warm you can easily take off the hoodie and put it in your hand luggage, or bring it out when you’re travelling back to normality. Plus, you never know what the temperature on a plane will be. One time it’ll freezing cold, the next boiling hot, and the time after that something in between.

Made from comfortable fabrics, our matching BADR sets are ideal for long flights where you want to relax and catch some shut eye – plus the sharp designs means you’re going to be turning heads in your loungewear.

Keep It Loose

Breathable fabrics are a must on any flight and you need fabrics that are going to let moisture pass through. If you throw on any old synthetic t-shirt, the air won’t circulate and you will be left feeling sweaty and far from fresh. A lightweight cotton t-shirt paired with our cotton joggers is a great choice for warm flights – you can thank us later!

Stay Simple

Airports are a great place to show off your favourite BADR looks but it’s important to remember that sometimes – less is more. You don’t want to be battling with a load of accessories when you’re going through security or sitting on a plane, you want to keep things simple, classic and cool. Ditch the chains and stick with the airport essentials rather than trying to show off everything at once.

Carry A Change Of Clothes

We hope it never happens to you, but once you’ve had your luggage lost after a flight – this tip is going to be your new travel mantra! Not only will a spare change of clothes save you if you lose your bags, it’s a great idea for those wanting to freshen up after a long-haul flight or wanting to step straight off the place and into the clubs. A spare t-shirt or BADR vest is a great addition to any hand luggage, pick a design that will match the bottoms you’re currently wearing and you don’t have to worry about packing spare bottoms too.

Wear A Hat

Yeah we said no accessories – but in our eyes, a hat is an essential. Not only will a hat kept your protected from the sun, rain or just covering up your bleary eyes when you return back home after a holiday with the boys, it’s a great finishing touch for any BADR outfit. Wear your BADR trucker hat to the airport and you’re saving valuable space in your luggage AND carrying an accessory that will see you through the whole break.

Pack Light

Whether you’re limited to hand luggage or your taking a full suitcase, it pays to be smart with your packing. We’ve already mentioned how useful our matching men’s tracksuit sets are for travelling, but you can also update the look of these simply by switching out the t-shirt or vest you’re wearing. Take stock of your current wardrobe before you start packing and work out which of your BADR essentials can be worn with multiple other pieces. You might find that one pair of jeans, joggers or shorts can be used time and time again without compromising on style.

Check out the latest drops from BADR clothing for your next airport trip. With plenty of styles to choose from, you’re ready to take the BADR takeover – international.

July 24, 2020 — Kane Mousah


When you’ve worked hard all year on getting your summer bod, it can be easy to let things slip when you’re back from your summer holiday. Keeping on top of fitness is key and if you’re wanting to live the BADR lifestyle all year round, you need to get your head in the game and get back in the ring.

We’ve asked the BADR team for their top 10 tips for getting motivated when you’re having a fitness slump and how to get yourself back to the gym.

Eat Right

“Rome wasn’t built in a day so use your common sense. Stop eating the chips and pies, start choosing the sweet potato and grilled salmon” Kane Mousah

What you eat during the day can impact how motivated you are to get to the gym. A smart breakfast with protein, fruit and complex carbs will give you a boost throughout the day. Follow it with a light lunch without high sugar or carbs and you can stabilize your energy and keep you feeling awake enough to hit the gym on a night.  Aim to eat about four hours before you plan to work out to give your stomach time to digest, if your digestive system is still working to digest your food, it’s using energy that you could be putting towards your workout.

See your goals

It’s all well and good setting yourself goals but you should make sure you have reminders placed around you to keep you on track. Print out motivational quotes, add some fitness inspired artwork to your home and keep post-it notes at the office reminding you what you’re aiming for. Seeing what you want to achieve will give you that added motivation for working out.

“For us, fitness means all round well-being and being the best version of yourself. BADR stands for ‘be a dangerous rival’ and in order to do this you need to combine being fit and in-shape with your appearance and how you feel within yourself. As a fighter, fitness also means being able to defend myself – you have to be strong physically and mentally to take care of yourself” Kane Mousah

Set alarms

We’ve all told ourselves we’re going to hit the gym before work, or chucked our gym kit in the car in preparation for an evening session – but how many times have you conveniently forgot? Set alarms on your phone, your watch and your laptop to remind you that it’s time to get down to business and start training. Avoid hitting the snooze button and take the alarm as ‘it’s time to go’.

Invest in new gear

One of the best health and fitness motivators is new kit. When you invest in quality gear you’re going to want to wear it so if you’re in a slump, why not take a look at the latest BADR workout gear? We’ve made it our mission to create fresh performance wear that will give you that extra boost of motivation in the gym. From shorts and vests to joggers and hoodies, you can treat yourself to a whole new fitness wardrobe.

Sign up for a new training plan

Look around for new training plans that will mean a commitment from you. A new training plan that you can sign up for in advance will give you a solid goal to work towards, whether it’s boxing lessons or signing up for a distance running event. If you have to pay in advance, even better! No one likes to be out of pocket.

Challenge your mates

Get your mates involved in fitness challenges so you’re always ready to compete. Whether it’s who is the fastest or the strongest, the added competitive element will give you that extra push to get to the gym and show them you’re a dangerous rival. Set up a group chat with the boys and start stirring up some (friendly) competition.

Switch up your workouts

One of the biggest causes of fitness fatigue is getting bored with your workouts. If you start to dread doing your usual routine, switch it up and try something different. Not everyone likes running on the treadmill, so why not try skipping, weightlifting or joining a team sport. If you’re not having fun, you’re going to want to stop

Join fitness groups

Having a supportive group around you will help push you to succeed. Check online for fitness forums or social media groups where you can see other peoples progress, share your journey and get tips from others who are in the same boat. If you surround yourself with people who encourage you, you’re more likely to want to stick with it and show them what you can do.

Update your gym playlist

The right playlist can take your workout from 0-10 so it’s important that your tunes work with you to boost your adrenaline. Take the time to create the perfect mix of high intensity tunes that will give you an extra kick. Whether you’re into hip hop or heavy rock, if it’s loud and it spurs you on – it’s a hit.

Track your progress

If you can see your health and fitness journey working, you’re more likely to stick with it. Start tracking all aspects of your workout, from how many times you’re hitting the gym to the benefits you’re starting to see in your body. Aligning your gym motivation with health goals is a really great way to give yourself a kick up the backside, if you know you need to lose fat or up your stamina, you can start to track it and aim for milestone goals.

“If you can find anything with a weight and run around with it you will start to see the difference. It could be anything from a bag of shopping to milk cartons, once you start doing this regularly you’re going to see benefits in your weight, blood pressure and general fitness”. Kane Mousah

July 24, 2020 — Kane Mousah


The inspiration and driving force behind BADR Sport is Manchester born MMA fighter, Kane ‘The Danger’ Mousah. Described by Brendan Loughnane as a ‘grab hold of you and suck the life out of you’ kind of fighter, Kane is building a reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

After a difficult childhood and involvement in gang crime as a young adult, Kane made the decision to turn his life around and now hopes that he can be an inspiration to boys and young men tempted by gang culture and crime. He is dedicated to giving back to the community and helping children choose a different path than he did.

Kane is currently in training for his upcoming Bellator 230 fight against Brazilian fighter Rafael Macedo, drafted in as a replacement for Daniele Scatizzi who has withdrawn since suffering a broken jaw.


Refining his training regime over the years means that Kane now knows exactly what his body needs to prepare for a big fight. Walking around at 167lbs, cutting weight to 155lbs to qualify for his lightweight category means that nutrition and hydration are tightly controlled in the run up to the weigh in.

Having tried various approaches and regimes including saunas, food bans, cutting carbs and restricting fluids, Kane now believes that his body type just doesn’t perform well after an extreme level of restriction. He has honed his method of cutting weight whilst retaining maximum performance in the ring.

At 76kgs, Kane knows that coming up against bigger opponents is par for the course and factors this into his training approach.

“When I’m on the mat, I’m always looking for the bigger guys.” says Kane.

“You’re going to be coming against these guys that are walking around at 82kgs anyway, and I never struggle – even when I get lighter, I actually perform better.”.

After six years of intense training and fighting, Kane has his fitness regime worked out. Explosive work on the track, bag work, striking technique, wrestling and yoga all feature heavily in his weekly routine.


The sharpness and grit needed to make it as an MMA fighter means that mindset is just as important as physical training in the lead up to a big fight. Kane talks openly about a particularly challenging experience that happened during a bout with fellow UK fighter, Lewis Monarch.

In an intense scramble exchange, Monarch trapped Kane’s arm, pulling it into such a position that his arm ligaments were tearing. Sheer determination saw Kane dig deep and pull through, continuing to fight his opponent, when in the third round, Monarch went on to target that same arm again, leading to further ligament damage for Kane.

Recalling the mental strength that got him through those moments, Kane says “I felt all the ligaments tearing. I was close to the point… I looked up and thought ‘No way’”.

Kane went on to defeat Monarch, winning after three rounds.

The mental strength needed to face a strong opponent can be the difference between a win or a loss. With some fighters big on trash-talk in the build up to a fight, Kane’s approach is to let his opponent take the lead. “We’re going to fight anyway. If the guy’s humble, you won’t hear me say a thing about him. I respect my opponent. But if someone’s giving it… I’ll go at it, and it leads to a great build up to a fight.” says Kane.

Finding Balance

Kane is the proud father to three boys and admits that it can be tricky finding the balance between his gruelling MMA schedule and parenthood.

Despite the demands of a successful MMA career, Kane is committed to being around his boys as much as he can. Eager to be a hands-on father, he does, however, acknowledge that if his training is suffering due to tiredness, he will take time off from the night feeds to make sure he catches up on sleep so he can maintain his energy and performance levels.

Kane’s Top Rated

Despite his busy schedule, Kane makes time to watch the fighters that he highly rates, naming Yoel Romero as one of his favourites. Kane credits his consistent energy and ability to go the distance in a fight, alongside his drive and love for the sport, as qualities he admires.

When it comes to actions outside the ring, Nate Dias provides the best entertainment value for Kane, who says “You can’t match him for character.”, particularly in his verbal sparring with Conor McGregor during their pre-fight build up.

Don’t miss the big fight; Mousah vs Macedo, Saturday 12th October. Showing on Channel 5 at 10pm.

July 16, 2020 — Kane Mousah